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What to wear:
Long pants and long sleeve shirts are best. Insects can be a nuisance and we provide repellent if necessary. Sturdy shoes are a wise choice as well.

What to bring:

We have picking buckets and boxes to bring your harvest home. All you need is a hunger for great fruit.


We sell by the pound; a gallon bucket holds about 5 lbs. If U-pick the price is $1.30/lb. Fruit picked up at the farm is $20.00 each, packaged in 10 lb. boxes. From time to time we are sold out of packaged fruit so call before you arrive to guarantee the cooler is stocked.

U-Pic hours:
Ripening varies by seasonal weather patterns so please check our Facebook page for the date we open for u-pick. Mid June is always a great time to come by. We are open Sat, Sun, and Wed 6 am until 1 pm or by appointment.
(850) 902-0160.

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